My Quotes

“Obama’s birth certificate is forged, his Selective Service Registration is forged and he is using a phony Social Security Number. This crises isn’t about where his mother was when she gave birth. It’s about someone gaining access to the highest office in the land using fake ID.” Linda Jordan

“When a teenager uses fake ID to get in to a bar it’s a crime, albeit a relatively petty one. But when Barack Obama used fake ID to gain access to the White House his forged birth certificate took on the yellow tinge of treason.” Linda Jordan

“In Barack Obama’s case the fake ID he’s using is so badly forged it wouldn’t get him past the bouncer at a cheap bar. Not even if he was a pretty girl.” Linda Jordan

“Barack Obama is using fake ID. A fake birth certificate, a fake social security number, a fake selective service registration. People who use fake ID are hiding something.” Linda Jordan

“When it comes to Barack Obama all of a sudden Democrats, Republicans, FOX News, CNN have no idea what forgery and fraud are. Fake ID is a pretty simple crime to get your head around. Obama’s birth certificate is forged. His selective service registration is forged. His social security number is phony. When you use forged documents to create a fake identity, that’s fraud.” Linda Jordan

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