My Story

Are you wondering what a Safeway grocery store receipt has to do with Barack Obama’s forged identity?

WTP-Safeway911It helps to tell my story. The date on it is September 11, 2011. I was in a somber mood that day as most of America was. I also had just recently made the decision to do something I thought might get me in to real trouble. I used a government run program called E-Verify to see if Barack Obama was eligible to work in the United States. Why? Because there was credible evidence that he was using a phony Social Security Number and a forged birth certificate. Politics aside (and yes I oppose Obama’s political views) the guy was using fake ID. People who use fake ID have something to hide. And how could you get in to the White House with fake ID? I made several pleas to law enforcement, politicians and government agencies to investigate the evidence and no one with the legal responsibility and authority to uphold the Constitution, the law, and to defend our country was willing to do anything. So I figured I had to do something.

I am an ordinary woman. A homemaker. I have been married for 34 years and raised three children. I do not consider myself to be a brave woman but with credible evidence of a crime of this magnitude, being committed right in front of me, I had reached the point where I wanted to be brave and, I say this in the most humble way I can, I felt that my country needed me to be brave. To be a Good Samaritan in its time of need.

After entering what Obama has declared to be his name, SSN, birth date and citizenship status I got my answer. Straight from the horse’s mouth. Obama failed the E-Verify check. Turns out the SSN that Obama is using had been flagged with a Special Indicator Code for fraud. Out of around 453 million SSN’s on the Social Security Administration’s Numident File only 46,000 of them had been flagged with a Special Indicator Code. It takes a whole lot of suspected fraud to earn one of those flags. And no it was not flagged because he was issued a new SSN when the one in question was accidentally revealed on his tax return. It was flagged with a big red neon FRAUD sign because the SSN in question was never issued to him! It was issued out of Connecticut in March 1977 to someone with a Connecticut address. In March 1977 Obama was a 15 year living in Hawaii. He has never lived in Connecticut and he did not travel to Connecticut in March 1977 to apply for a SSN.

I wrote a report about my findings and shared it with journalists and on the internet. Then I began researching legal arguments to support my contention that, as one of Obama’s employers, I had a legal obligation to see if he was eligible to work in the United States.

Back to the grocery store and the receipt. The cashier hands me the receipt, tells me how much money I had saved and how much change I was getting back. “Here you are Mrs. Jordan your change is $9.11.” Then, kind of stunned, she said, “You just got back $9.11 on 9/11.” I mutely nodded, stunned myself.

Right when I was feeling pretty scared I was encouraged by, of all things, a receipt from the grocery store. A flimsy little piece of paper that reminded me, in a most powerful way, to have courage in defense of my country.

Almost a year and thousands of hours of research and preparation later I filed, as is my legal right, a lawsuit in Washington State challenging the placement of Barack Obama’s name on the general election ballot. By then there was overwhelming evidence, from a law enforcement agency and software experts, that the birth certificate Obama had posted on the White House website on April 27th, 2011, was an abject forgery. How obvious was this forged ID? It wouldn’t get him past the bouncer at a cheap bar. Not even if he was a pretty girl.

In my lawsuit I raised several issues; the primary one being that the presumption of truth our Secretary of State initially affords a candidate’s claim of eligibility had been undermined concerning candidate Obama. He had proffered a forged birth certificate as proof of his eligibility and a forged document can’t be used to prove anything except that someone committed an act of forgery and, in this case, that Obama was using it.

Without an evidentiary hearing and with extreme bias my case was tossed out at the Superior Court. I appealed to the State Supreme Court and in December a Department of that Court determined that my concerns were frivolous. They did not say why they thought they were frivolous.

On January 11th 2013 I was ordered to pay the State almost $13,000 for challenging Barack Obama’s use of a forged birth certificate and phony SSN. Fake ID he used to get on the ballot and in to the White House. That isn’t just fraud, its treason.

In desperation I threw a Hail Mary pass to former Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders. He agreed to represent me and on March 13th he secured a payment that covered actual court costs, $3,500.00, a far cry from the $13,000.00 they wanted to punish me with.

I will continue the effort to expose Barack Obama for the fraud and usurper that he is. I urge you to do the same. Have courage, be brave, then do something.

Sincerely and in defense of our country,
Linda Jordan