The Rules: Submit Your Video To WTP T.V.

Say what you know needs to be said.

Forget about the people who refuse to respond to the overwhelming evidence that Obama’s birth certificate and Selective Service Registration are forged. People who turn a blind eye to the fact that Obama is using a social security number that was issued to someone with a Connecticut address in March 1977 when Obama was a 15 year old living in Hawaii.

Those people will roll their eyes, heave heavy sighs, mock you, laugh at you and slander you. But they won’t answer any of the questions raised by the evidence and questions that aren’t properly answered don’t go away.  So go ahead and say what needs to be said.

Tell Barack Obama that you know he’s using fake ID. Request that the evidence compiled by Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Ohio Investigator Susan Daniels be properly considered at an evidentiary hearing, and that those responsible for these forgeries and the fraudulent use of said documents and SSN be prosecuted.

The Rules

1. You must use your real name but you don’t necessarily have to be in the video. You need to make sure there are no copyright infringement issues with the material or music you use in your video. Be as creative as you want.

2. Videos can be 1 to 3 minutes in length and are to be directed to the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama and occupies the White House.

3. At the beginning of your video incorporate this sentence or something close:  “ I know what you did. You’re using fake ID.”

4. Somewhere in your video include a demand that the evidence compiled by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Investigator Susan Daniels get a proper evidentiary hearing.

5. No foul language (although a classy  “frankly my dear I don’t give a damn”  type of thing would be O.K.)

6. No advocacy of violence of any kind.


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