Why Get Involved?

Because fear begets fear, courage begets courage.

Remember, We The People are charged with the responsibility to protect our freedoms, our Constitution. We can’t just sit back and wait for someone on a white horse to ride in and save our Republic. We need to be a part of saving America!

We The People must act in our own defense, in defense of our families and in defense of our country.

Many ordinary citizens from all walks of life have done just that. They spoke out about Obama’s fake ID and bravely stood their ground no matter how loud the liberals screamed “BIRTHER” and let their spittle fly. They did something.

They went to public meetings and said what needed to be said. They gave presentations on Obama’s fake ID, they talked to their neighbors, they contacted their representatives, They wrote letters, they filed legal challenges, they met with politicians, they stood by the side of the road with signs, they investigated Obama’s forged documents, they financially supported the effort to expose the truth about Obama and his fake ID.

Check out our list of TruthTellers. People who have stepped up to the plate and dared to utter the truth about Obama’s fake ID. There are more than you think and many more than we could list. Will you join them? Remember, fear begets fear, courage begets courage. Be encouraged by what these patriots have done and let it motivate you to do something.

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